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6 tips for buying plumbing products

Plumbing Tips

We are here to help with all your plumbing needs, so here are some very useful tips when considering requiring assistance with your plumbing needs.


Do not buy plumbing products from a hardware store and then ask a plumber to install those parts. The plumber is required to provide warranty on the workmanship and not the item that you bought. It can create expensive issues if the part becomes faulty in the warranty period. If you do this, you are likely to have to pay to have the faulty part disconnected from your plumbing system by a licensed plumber. You may have to send the part back to the supplier for assessment. Once the new part is sent back to you, you will have to pay for another visit for the licensed plumber to re-install the part.


All products connected to plumbing systems must have a Water Mark Certification or other Australian Government approval. Imported products such as valves, pipes, tanks and hot water systems may have traces of dangerous elements and chemicals that could affect the safety of your drinking water. Some porcelain products may shatter. Some valves may allow contaminates to backflow into the public water networks.


Some plumbing products sold on the internet are not allowed to be connected to water supplies in Australia; hand-held Bidet hoses and taps, preferred by South East Asians, are one example. Check for an Australian approval before you make your purchase.


Be wary of warranty issues if you are considering installing the products you buy. Suppliers are under no obligation to provide warranty if you install the plumbing products yourself.


Be wary of insurance issues if you are considering installing the plumbing products you buy. Insurers are under no obligation to pay for damages as a result of failed plumbing products that were installed by unlicensed persons.


Be wary that you are breaking state laws if you work on your own plumbing system. Only licensed plumbers can open, access, alter, repair, replace, and install domestic and public water systems, sewerage drainage systems and gas systems. This is because the plumbing in your home is connected through a web of pipes to thousands of other homes. What you do to the plumbing in your home can have serious consequences for other people.