Providing plumbing services to Canberra and Queanbeyan region


Plumbing Repairs

We are reliable, licensed, insured and affordable plumbers in Canberra.

Canberra Plumbing Repairs can help with all of your plumbing issues. With 30 years experience, our Canberra plumbers give you efficient help with all of your daily and emergency plumbing repairs, plumbing installations and servicing. We cover the entire Canberra and Queanbeyan region including suburban and rural plumbing systems. You will have access to the largest variety of plumbing spare parts with secured warranties. Call now to get the plumbing help you need.

Did you know – we always answer our phone.

Some plumbers think of their customers as a way to get rich quick. They use terms like, “Once it is buried it is no longer my problem.” They also say, “If I can’t see it from my home, I don’t care.” This is not how we think or operate. We are Master Plumbers and we want our customers to come back to us every time they have a plumbing issue, and they do. Many of our customers have used our Canberra plumbing services more than 20 times since 1992. Try us and you will see why.

Reliable, licensed, insured and affordable plumbers in Canberra.

Canberra Plumbing Repairs offer the full range of plumbing services in the Canberra and Queanbeyan region. Our Canberra Plumbing Services range from the smallest tap repair up to full house drainage replacements.


Why use more than one name?

The use of the internet to find goods and services is continually increasing. We wanted to make it easier for our old customers and other Canberran’s to find us among the thousands of plumbers advertising on the internet across Australia. Therefore, we chose a name that makes it easier for Canberran’s to find a plumber who is actually in the Canberra region. For those familiar with us, we will continue to also trade under the name 6 Star Hot Water and Plumbing. Call us at Canberra Plumbing Repairs today for all of your plumbing repair needs.


If you have any emergency plumbing need, simply call our emergency plumbing phone service. Quick and relaible repair of emergency leakes and pipe bursts