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Clearing Blocked Sewer Drains

We can provide reliable and professional sewer drain cleaning Services. You can get help within the hour or book in a time that is suitable to you. We guarantee that we will put in maximum effort to properly clear your blocked sewer drains every time.

6 Tips to avoid blocked sewer drains.

  1. Keep all leaves, dirt, wood chips and debris clear from the tops of sewer gully grates and sewer pipe inspection openings.
  2. At the first sign that a toilet, basin, shower, sink, trough or bath is slow to empty have your sewer drains professionally cleaned. Cleaning should start from the stink pipe at the top of your drain then all of the way to the boundary connection.
  3. Don’t Use Chemicals such Mr Muscle, CLR Clear or Draino. It sounds bias, but these chemicals nearly always make things much worse. If you need to attempt something quickly, try a drain plunger or a hairy mop as plunger in the drain or toilet bowl.
  4. Don’t put oil, fat, grease, kitty litter wipes, tampons, sanitary napkins, paper towels or plaster down any sewer drains or toilets.
  5. If you have an island kitchen bench run hot water down the drain for a five minutes every month.
  6. Don’t plant trees that will grow very large over sewer drains.

Did you know

Some Canberra Plumbers will quote you a cheap price for a blocked drain clean just to get their foot in your door. These plumbers will try to turn what should be a small job into a very expensive headache for you. Electric eels can do a better job of cleaning drains than a high pressure water jetter. Plumbers prefer to use drain cleaning water jetters in most cases because they put less physical strain on the plumber. Kitty litter, wipes, tampons, emery boards, nappy wipes, and paper towels cannot be put down drains or toilets. Every plumbing fixture inside your home drains to the sewerage system. Any rain water that falls on or around your house will drain to the stormwater system. Stormwater and sewer drains are not interconnected Most blocked sewer drains can quickly turn into a health risk from over flowing untreated raw sewerage.

We can help

  • You will get your drains cleaned efficiently. We are the professionals at unblocking blocked sewer drains. Our staff at Canberra Plumbing Repairs have cleared thousands of blocked sewer drains and thousands of blocked stormwater drains.
  • You will get the best and latest technology. We have both electric eels and high pressure water jetters. We have CCTV drain cameras to locate all of your sewerage plumbing drainage issues.
  • You get the complete drainage service. We can repair or replace your broken sewer pipes all the way up to re landscaping for you.
  • You are protected, because we are fully licensed and insured members of Master Plumbers ACT .
  • We will always try our hardest to clear the blockages from your drains.