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Drainage - CCTV Drain camera inspections

CCTV Drain camera inspections

You can have the inside of your drains thoroughly inspected and located with our Hi tech CCTV drain camera and locating equipment. We can provide you with precise locations and depths of your drainage pipes. This makes drainage repairs cheaper and it saves our customers from the expense of unnecessary plumbing drainage repairs.

6 Tips that will save you money when you get a CCTV Drain Camera Inspection.

  1. Where possible ensure that your drains are flowing. Have your drains cleared first. This will help you get a more thorough inspection.
  2. Ensure that you provide as much access into your drains as possible. Move pots and clear away plants and other materials from your drainage access points.
  3. If available, have a drainage plan with you at the time of the inspection. You may be able to get one from Council or the ACT government.
  4. Do a Dial Before You Dig Request. Have the Dial Before You Dig information available in a printed format at the time of the inspection.
  5. Ask the person inspecting the drain if they will also do a pipe and cable location at the same time.
  6. Follow these tips you will get a much more thorough inspection. You will get more accurate drainage repair quotes and you will save more of your time and money.

Did you know

CCTV drain camera inspections are the most reliable way to determine what plumbing drainage issues you have. CCTV drain cameras send a signal back to ground level so have an accurate depth and accurate location of any drainage issues you have. CCTV drain camera inspections can be recorded onto a USB and then downloaded to your computer. CCTV drain camera inspections help owners get the most accurate quotes for Canberra plumbing drainage repairs. Where possible it is best that the drain be unblocked and flowing at the time of the inspection. A CCTV drain camera inspection is the best evidence that a problem exists when in dispute with ICON Water, a body corporate, a builder or a neighbour. CCTV drain cameras will not go around tight radius bends and Tee junctions in stormwater drains. CCTV drain cameras will work under water if the water is clear. However, It is best that the drain is cleaned first Most Queanbeyan and Canberra plumbers do not have CCTV drain cameras.

We can help

  • Canberra Plumbing Repairs has the latest CCTV drain camera technology and locating equipment. This means fast and accurate drainage inspections and locations for you.
  • We can locate and mark the ground directly above your plumbing drainage issues.
  • We can find the location and approximate depth of all other underground services before you undertake any plumbing drainage repairs.
  • We can provide you with accurate video records of the CCTV drain Camera Inspections. 
  • We can provide written reports to accompany video evidence when a dispute with ICON Water, a body corporate, a builder or a neighbour exists.
  • We have the equipment and expertise to clear your drains and get them flowing before we undertake any CCTV inspections.
  • We can provide you with an accurate quote for your plumbing drainage repairs.
  • We can help you with your plumbing drainage issues in Queanbeyan and Canberra today.