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Drainage Repairs

You don’t have to do a thing. We arrange the Dial Before You Dig requests, location of underground gas, electrical and communication services. We undertake all excavations, OH&S requirements, plumbing drainage repairs, drainage inspections, concreting and re landscaping. We clan up when we are done too. We will have your broken drains working in no time. Read more about Canberra Plumbing Drainage Repairs.

6 Tips to help you avoid unnecessary plumbing drainage issues in Canberra

  1. Don’t put off getting sewerage drainage approvals when renovating. This can increase approval costs 20 fold.
  2. Insist that your builder or plumber organises a plumbing permit for all renovation work. If they will not give you a permit it is likely that the work does not comply with the Australian Standards.
  3. Ask your drainer for their drainers licence number before approving any work.
  4. Ask your drainer about warranties before approving any work.
  5. If you have been told that your drain is broken and needs to be excavated ask for video evidence or some other form of evidence.
  6. Use the 2016 Schedule Of Charges as a guide to what is a fair price for such plumbing drainage services.

Did you know

Most broken plastic drain pipes are the result of poor installation practices. The new pipes are not bedded properly and no care is taken during backfilling. When a plastic pipe breaks it usually occurs in two consecutive fittings. Sewer and stormwater drains with cement joints are not flexible. The pipes crack allowing roots to enter every 600mm. The average depth of household sewer drains in Canberra and Queanbeyan is 1.5m. The average depth of stormwater drains in Canberra and Queanbeyan is 1m. To get an indication of what a drainage repair is likely to cost read the attached PDF. 2016 Schedule Of Charges. These prices generally do not include concreting or landscaping. It allows for a trench that is up to 2.5 meter long. Only licensed drainers can fix broken drains connected to your plumbing fixtures. All new drains must be inspected by an Approved Certifier or Government Plumbing Inspector before they are back filled. Some Canberra drainers often say, “ Once the pipe it is buried, it is not my responsibility.” Or they say, If I can’t see the pipe from home I don’t care.”

We can help

  • You are protected in NSW and the ACT. We are insured and licensed master drainers. Therefore, we are required to adhere to a strict code of ethics and work standards.
  • You get the job done fast. Canberra Plumbing Repairs owns the right pipe locating, excavation, drain repair and backfilling equipment to ensure a properly done but fast drainage repair.
  • You won’t have to move out. We have the expertise to ensure that you always have a working toilet shower and sink.
  • You do not have to do a thing. We organise the Dial Before You Dig requests, do the pipe and cable locations, excavations, drainage repairs, backfilling, concreting, re landscaping and cleaning up.
  • We provide 25 years warranty on our Queanbeyan and Canberra drainage repairs and the materials we use.