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Drainage - Septic tank repairs, service and installations

Septic tank repairs, service and installations

We can install or replace septic tank absorption trenches, install onsite sewerage treatment systems and drainage in the Canberra region. We can unblock septic tanks and septic tank drains and provide CCTV inspections.

9 Tips to help you avoid unnecessary septic tank repairs

  1. Wees, poos, toilet paper, water from kitchen sinks, basins, laundries, baths and showers are the only substances that should go into your toilets and drains.
  2. Don’t put, kitty litter, wipes, sanitary napkins, tampons, emery sticks, kitchen grease, chemicals or paper towels down drains or toilets.
  3. Select septic tank safe cleaning agents, detergents and washing powders.
  4. Have your septic tank checked at least once a year or sooner depending on your local government requirements.
  5. Don’t drive anything other than a lawn mower over your septic absorption trenches. They are hollow and you may cause them to cave in.
  6. Don’t put chlorine or other chemicals in your septic tank to kill smells. You need the good bacteria to digest the bad bacteria and viruses in your septic tank.
  7. If you have a bad smell it is likely that you have a blockage and it may be is time to get your septic tank system pumped out.
  8. A piece of raw meat is enough to start the digestion process in a new septic tank.
  9. Have your onsite sewerage treatment system maintained as per the manufacture’s guidelines.

Did you know

Unlike us, most Canberra plumbers have never ever worked on a septic tank system or an onsite sewerage treatment system. Not too many things can go wrong inside a septic tank. Many of the problems that occur are drainage issues. The absorption trench may be clogged and may need to be rebuilt. The drains leading to the septic tank may be blocked or broken. Septic tanks have no moving internal parts. They rely on bacteria to digest sewerage and gravity to move the treated sewerage through the tank to the absorption trenches. Onsite sewerage treatment systems have many moving parts. They require power for an internal blower, pump and electronic control system. The treated effluent is pumped to lawns and gardens for dispersal. You should not water edible plants with waste water from septic tanks and on onsite sewerage treatment systems. Regardless of how much sewer enters the onsite sewerage treatment system, they generally require up to four services per year. Septic tanks require an average of one service per year. Empty septic tanks can pop out of the ground. Never ever completely drain your septic tank just prior to heavy rain or in water charged ground. Empty septic tanks, even concrete ones, will float. When installing a septic tank, half fill it with water before backfilling. This will stop it from floating.

We can help

  • You will be in experienced hands. We have installed and repaired many septic tank systems.
  • You won’t have to do a thing. We can get approvals, find the right site, safely undertake all excavations, supply your septic tank or on site sewerage management system and connect it to your drainage system.
  • Blockages are no problem. We can attend your home and clear your blocked pipes with high pressure water jetters and electric eel drain cleaning machines.
  • There is no guess work, as we can inspect and locate issues in your plumbing drainage system with the latest CCTV drain camera technology.
  • You can get a fixed quote for septic tank repairs and installations. When we give you a quote, it is the maximum that you will pay.
  • We provide 25 years warranty on our septic and OST installations in the Queanbeyan and Canberra region.