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Emergency - Hot water system Replacements

Emergency Hot water system Replacements

For emergency hot water replacements in Canberra or Queanbeyan call us now. We carry a large range of gas storage, gas continuous flow, electric and solar hot water systems. Be confident that your emergency replacement hot water systems will be installed properly, neatly and in accordance with all of the plumbing standards.

5 Tips if you need emergency hot water system replacements.

  1. Hot water systems are a big investment, so only buy quality hot water systems. Ask the plumber if he or she would have the same make and model at their own home.
  2. Seek advice from an experienced licensed plumber, not a salesperson. All ways ask questions.
  3. Find another plumber, if your plumber does not ask you questions about the system you currently have, how many people are using it, or have you considered any other options. This is because they do not have your best interests in mind.
  4. Before the emergency plumber attends, clear a path to and clear away any thing that is stored around your hot water system. This will help the plumber and you are more likely to get a better job.
  5. Before accepting quotes for replacement hot water systems ask if a new stop tap is included, will a pressure limiting valve be included, will new insulated pipe be included, will new brass connections be included, will a new slab be installed or will the existing slab be re levelled and will the old system be taken away.

Did you know

Plumbers are the only licensed trade that can replace and install hot water systems. It is always cheaper and faster to do like for like hot water replacements than it is to change to a different type of hot water system. Solar hot water heaters are the most expensive to install followed by gas hot water systems. Electric hot water systems are the least expensive hot water heaters to install. Electric hot water system are the most expensive to operate followed by gas hot water systems. Solar hot water systems can be the least expensive to operate if installed properly. Gas hot water system are the least expensive to repair followed by electric hot water heaters. Solar hot water systems can be the most expensive to repair. Electricians can only replace hot water elements and thermostats. They are not licensed for any other hot water repairs or hot water replacements. Most emergency plumbers in Canberra do not have the experience or carry a range or models or brand of emergency hot water replacements.

We can help

  • You don’t have to go without hot water. We carry a range of hot water replacements for gas electric and solar hot water systems. We can help with heat pumps and off peak hot water systems too.
  • We can help you easily change from electric hot water to solar hot water with solar ready tanks. You can have hot water straight away and complete the solar installation at a later date.
  • We sell and install storage hot water systems , continuous flow gas hot water systems and continuous flow electric hot water systems.
  • You are in safe hands. We are fully licensed plumbers, and gas fitters with restricted electrical licences. We have 30 years hot water experience.
  • You will get excellent warranty service. We provide 24 hour 7 day warranty service for the first twelve months. We provide 5 years warranty on our workmanship. You can get up to 10 years manufacturer’s warranty.
  • You only get hot water replacements that are tried and proven in the Canberra and Queanbeyan Region.
  • Canberra Plumbing repairs can help with all Emergency hot water system replacements today.