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Install new taps

Installation of new taps

We install new garden taps, new mixer taps, bathroom taps, new kitchen taps, shower taps, basin taps laundry taps& bath taps. We can put taps wherever you need them.

7 Tips before you buy new taps.

  1. Before you have new shower and bath taps (that have ceramic disks or tap washers) installed, it is best to have the seats in the walls (tap bodies) re-seated.
  2. Choose popular and well known brands of tap ware as this will make tap repairs easier.
  3. Check to see if your new taps have a WELLS water rating or an Australian Standards Approval number.
  4. Check your water pressure and the maximum water pressure of the new taps you hope to buy. Your water pressure cannot exceed the maximum pressure of your new taps.
  5. Check the depth of your existing basin spindles before buying new basin taps, as spindle depths can vary from brand to brand.
  6. Don’t buy taps from hardware stores. Buy your taps from plumbing suppliers or have your plumber supply the taps for you.
  7. Avoid Canberra Plumbers who won’t reseat your old tap bodies before installing new taps. If they don’t grind the seats, your new taps will start leaking very soon.

Did you know

High water pressure can quickly destroy new taps, especially ceramic disk taps and mixer taps. We do not recommend the installation of new ceramic disk taps in Canberra. This is because it may be hard to find the correct spare parts. There are more than 1000 different models of bath mixer taps, basin mixer taps, kitchen mixer taps, laundry mixer taps, taps with veggie sprayers and shower mixer taps. Choose popular brands. This makes getting spare parts for mixer taps easier. Only new taps and mixer taps that have the Australian government Watermark or WELLS can be connected to plumbing systems in Australia. Be wary of imported taps. Extra garden taps can save you lots of time untwisting long garden hoses. Extra garden taps in place of long garden hoses can help prevent damage to plants too. Pressure limiting valves installed at the water meter allows you to have more choice when it comes to new tap ware. When replacing wall taps such as those found in bath, shower and laundry taps, the tap body in the wall is not changed. All plumbers should clean up after themselves whenever they finish installing your new taps.

We can help

  • We can supply and install all of the piping, standpipes and trenches for you new garden tap installations.
  • We provide basin mixer tap replacements, kitchen, mixer tap replacements, laundry mixer tap replacements and basin mixer tap replacements
  • We can install new taps with washers and new taps with ceramic disks,.
  • We always reseat the tap bodies before we install new taps with washers or ceramic disks.
  • We carry new kitchen mixer taps and new basin mixer taps in our fully stocked vans. These new taps can cope with very high water pressure and have a 7 year warranty.
  • We can install new shower roses, bath spouts, kitchen spouts, basin spouts and laundry spouts to match your new taps.
  • Our plumbers take care when they are in your home. We always clean up after ourselves.