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Install water supplies to fridges

Install water supplies to fridges

We can install and connect cold water supplies to ice making fridges and automatic ice makers.

5 Tips before you buy an ice making fridge

  1. Connecting a new water supply to ice making fridges can be expensive. In some cases it can be more expensive than the cost of the fridge. Get a quote for the new water supply before you buy the fridge.
  2. Ask the fridge supplier about what parts are included with the new fridge.
  3. Use licensed plumbers to connect your water to ice making fridges as water leaks in kitchens can cause significant damage.
  4. When planning a new kitchen, always allow for a water supply for an ice making fridge, as you may want one in the future.
  5. Allow room for a water connection close to the where the fridge will be installed.

Did you know

Only licensed plumbers can install new water supplies for the connection to ice making fridges. Ice making fridge installations may require a pressure limiting valve to protect the fridge from high water pressure. Ice making fridge installations will require a water shut-off valve at the connection in case of repairs and water leaks.

We can help

  • We connect water to ice making fridges.
  • We can electronically locate all of your pipes to ensure you can have water to your ice making fridge at the best price.
  • We can supply and install all of the piping and connections for ice making fridge installations.
  • We can provide professional advice about water supplies to fridges before you buy your new fridge.
  • Our licensed Canberra plumbers are experienced and will always take care when they are in your home. We always clean up after ourselves.