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Leaking showers

Fixing your leaking shower

We can test your leaking shower for water leaks in the water proofing & we can pressure test taps & shower pipes, We can flood test shower bases & shower drains.

10 Tips to prevent leaking showers

  1. When having a new home built, or a bathroom renovation, do not let your builder or tiler do the water proofing. They do not know how to do it properly.
  2. When having a new home built, or a bathroom renovation, always get a Water Proofing Certificate. This should give 12 years warranty against leaks through the water proofing.
  3. When repairing shower taps, ensure that the tap spindles are refitted so that the red fibre washer seals against the tap body.
  4. When changing a shower rose, always ensure that the rose screws on at least 5 full turns, and you apply 6 layers of plumbers thread tape before fitting the shower rose.
  5. Keep shower drains clean so that water does not flood the shower base.
  6. Keep showers clean so that mould does not destroy your grout and silicon.
  7. Always insist on seeing evidence that your builder is using licensed plumbers for all shower plumbing and shower drainage installations.
  8. Always insist on seeing evidence that your builder is using licensed water proofing experts, not tilers, for all water proofing of your wet areas.
  9. Have your shower taps serviced by experienced plumbers.
  10. Often home owners think they have dripping shower taps, when they don’t. Adjust your shower rose so that it is horizontal. The surface tension created will hold residual water in the rose.

Did you know

Tiles and grout are not water proof. Cement and rendered walls are not water proof. A shower rose that is not horizontal can give the impression of leaking shower taps. In Canberra and Queanbeyan tilers and builders are not expert water proofers Leaking showers can be the result of poorly fitted shower taps and poorly fitted shower roses. When getting a proper water proofing membrane installed you should get a Water Proofing Certificate from the water proofer. The wet areas of most houses built in Canberra up until the 1990s are not properly water proofed. Shower Baths are more likely to leak than Shower Bases. The water proofing of showers in a large number of units built in Canberra has not been done properly. Before having your shower retiled or resealed it is best to have a plumber do a water pressure test and inspect the wall around your shower tap spindles.

We can help

We can ensure that you get the right diagnosis. We have expert water leak and leaking shower experts who can pressure test your internal shower pipes, flood test you shower bases and test your shower drains. We can save you money. Once your problem is properly diagnosed our expert plumbers can fix your leaking shower pipes and shower drains. If it is a shower water proofing problem, we can put you in touch with the right water proofing experts. You are in safe hands. We are members of Master Plumbers ACT. We must abide by a strict code of professional standards. You are protected. We are fully licensed and insured plumbers and drainers in Canberra and Queanbeyan and the surrounding districts. Our tests are non invasive. We have mini cameras and pipe locators that allow us to look under baths, in walls and subfloor areas through the smallest of holes.