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Leaking Taps

Repair and replace leaking taps

Leaking taps, dripping taps and broken taps are no longer a problem. We repair and replace mixer taps and old style taps with tap washers. With 5 years warranty, we know how to stop dripping taps.

6 Tips to deal with leaking and dripping taps

  1. Water is abrasive and can wear away the brass seats in your taps. If you have a leaking or dripping tap have it fixed as soon as possible.
  2. When having tap washers replaced, have the brass seats ground smooth at the same time. Then have the brass flushed from the tap bodies. This will help the washers seal much better.
  3. Use quality tap washers, such as Hydroseals as these washers can last 20 years if the seats are smooth.
  4. Clean and lubricate the tap spindles while you have the taps apart.
  5. Don’t buy taps from hardware stores. Buy your taps from Plumbing suppliers or have your plumber supply the taps for you.
  6. Avoid any plumbers that just want to change your tap washers and not service the whole tap assembly. This is a band aid solution. Your taps will start leaking again very soon.

Did you know

Tap washers seal against a brass ring called a tap seat. Tap washers are important, but leaking taps can be the result of worn brass tap seats, seized spindles, stones and other debris in your pipes and squashed tap washers. Only new taps and mixer taps that have the Australian government Watermark or WELLS can be connected to plumbing systems in Australia. Be wary of imported taps. If taps are serviced properly they may not drip again for more than 20 years. Brass is a soft metal. Water can wear away at brass tap seats. The cost to replace the taps brass seat in your walls is extremely expensive. Having your brass tap seats ground smooth by a real plumbing professional will increase their life significantly. If you have a shower rose that drips for a few minutes after use, adjust the rose so that it is horizontal at the point where the water exits. The water surface tension will hold the water in the shower rose. There are more than a thousand different models of mixer taps installed across the Canberra and Queanbeyan region. Many Canberra Plumbers never properly service or repair taps.

We can help

  • You don’t have to put up with leaking taps anymore. Once we fully service your standard jumper valve taps we will give you a 5 year guarantee on our work.
  • You don’t have to wait for spare parts. We carry a range of mixer-tap cartridges and we supply and install new mixer taps too.
  • We can help with plumbing emergencies in Canberra, Queanbeyan and surrounding areas. You can call our emergency plumbing services now 0448 488 911 if you have a burst tap washer and you cannot shut your water off.