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Toilets - Repair and replace leaking toilets

Repair and replace leaking toilets

Our Canberra Plumbers help with toilet repairs, toilet replacements and toilet suite installations of most brands in the Canberra region. We can unblock toilets and install new toilet drains. Leaking toilets waste water

7 Tips to avoid leaking toilets, blocked toilets and high water bills.

  1. Do not put deodorising tablets or liquids in the toilet cisterns. They cause the rubber seals to perish.
  2. Do not buy cheap imported toilets. Parts are hard to find and they may not be approved for installation in Australia.
  3. Have your toilet cistern serviced at least once every 5 years. Have the inlet valve and outlet valve seals replaced. Have the valve mechanisms cleaned and the valve seats cleaned.
  4. If you hear your toilet cistern filling when not in use it is in need of a repair. It is likely that the outlet valve is leaking and the sound you can hear is the sound of water topping up your cistern.
  5. If the water in your toilet bowl siphons away when you flush your toilet it means the toilet drainage is about to block. Call a licensed plumber to clear your blocked toilet drains immediately.
  6. Wees, poos and toilet paper are the only things that you should flush down your toilet drains.
  7. Don’t allow your plumber in Canberra or Queanbeyan to use anything more than a 20mm offset pan connector when installing your new toilet.

Did you know

A toilet that leaks 1 litre per minute can waste 1440 litres of water per day. Leaking toilets can cost you thousands of dollars every year in wasted water. Imported toilets and toilets from hardware stores can be cheap to buy. However, finding spares when needed can make toilet repairs very expensive. There is no such thing as toilet friendly kitty litter, wipes or sanitary items. There is no connection between stormwater drains and sewer drains. All water used inside your house including toilets and waste fixtures discharges to the sewerage system. Some plumbers do not provide warranties on their toilet repairs or toilet installations.

We can help

  • You get 12 months warranty on our toilet repairs. 
  • Canberra Plumbing Repairs is fully licensed and insured. 
  • You get 5 years warranty on the workmanship of our toilet installations. 
  •  You have a choice. 
  • We can supply and install all types and brands of approved toilet suites and toilet cisterns in Canberra and Queanbeyan. 
  • Whatever the toilet problem we can fix it. 
  • We carry toilet spare parts, new toilet cisterns, drain cleaning machines for blocked toilets, new toilet drainage pipes and toilet taps. 
  • You can have other plumbing issues fixed too. Our plumbing trucks are stocked with a variety of plumbing tools, taps, pipes, and fittings for virtually any plumbing repairs you need. 
  •  We can help today.