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Repair and replace pumps

Repair and replace pumps

You can have rain water pumps, solar hot water pumps, hot water circulating pumps, irrigation pumps and rural pumps repaired or replaced. Davey, Onga, Vada, Grundfos, Silvan and more. See all pump brands here that we repair, service and install.

11 Tips to avoid broken pumps.

  1. Only buy well known rain water pump brands such as Onga, Vada, Davey and Grundfos.
  2. Install a filter on the inlet side of your rain water pump and clean the filter regularly.
  3. Have a float switch or a rain to main installed on your rain water pump to prevent your pump from running dry.
  4. Keep all pumps covered from the weather.
  5. For dam pumps, install a mesh screen and keep the suction pipe high to prevent the pump from sucking up mud and rocks.
  6. Support all inlet pipes and outlet pipes so the weight of the pipes does not put a strain on your pumps.
  7. For hot water circulating pumps, install them on the return pipe close to the heat source.
  8. If your pump is not regularly used and it is above the water reservoir, check to see that it is primed before starting it.
  9. If your pump has been installed above the water reservoir, install a non return valve on the suction side as close as practicable to the reservoir. This will help to keep your pump primed.
  10. If you have a fire pump, have it serviced every 12 months and check its operation regularly over the fire season.
  11. If you have a submersible pump, check that the floats can move freely without become entangled.

Did you know

If your pump starts when no water is being used, you may have a water leak, a faulty non return valve, a faulty pressure switch or the pump itself is leaking. Rainwater pumps connected to toilets, washing machines and garden water systems can save more than 150,000 litres of mains water every year for the average family home in Canberra. It is best to buy pumps that provide water at a slightly higher pressure and volume than your needs. This will ensure that you have adequate water pressure at all times. Submersible pumps require more maintenance than free standing pumps. Free standing pumps create a vacuum in the suction line. This allows atmospheric pressure to force water into the pump body. Submersible pumps such as bore pumps do not require atmospheric pressure to assist with pumping. You can save a lot of water with an automatic hot water circulating system. You can have instant hot water. Read more Grundfos pumps for your home in Canberra PDF or click on Instant hot water circulating systems and pumps Many Canberra plumbers do not know a lot about repairing or installing pumps.

We can help

  • You get 12 months warranty on our pump repairs and installations.
  • We only install pumps and pump controls that have a proven history in the Canberra Queanbeyan region.
  • Canberra Plumbing Repairs are fully licensed and insured members of Master Plumbers ACT.
  • You have a choice. We can supply and install all models and brands of pumps, pump controllers, rain to mains and valves for pumps.
  • We can help with Davey pumps and rain water systems, Onga pumps and rain water systems, Vada pumps and rain water systems, Grundfos circulating pumps and Grundfos hot water circulating systems, Silvan pumps and rain water systems and more.
  • We can help today.