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Water Leaks

Water Leakage

Call today for water leak detection, pressure tests, leak locating, water leak repairs and water pipe re-routs. We have the Canberra and Queanbeyan region covered with the best equipment and experienced operators.
Water leaks, leaking pipes, leaking toilets and taps can cost home owners large sums of money. We can help with expert water leak locating, detecting and repairs fast.

4 Tips to Quickly Test for Water Leaks in Your Home

  1. Check your water meter to see if there is any movement in the numbers or wheels while no water is being used inside and outside of your home. If there is movement you may have a leaking water pipe or leaking plumbing fixture.
  2. High water bills can be the result of small amounts of water continually running through toilets and taps. Check toilets and taps for leaks.
  3. If you receive a high water bill from ICON Water, check to see that the water meter lid is accessible and that your water meter is readable. ICON Water can make estimates if they cannot read your water meter.
  4. Inspect the pressure relief valve on your hot water system. It should release no more than 3%, of the tanks storage capacity, of water per day.

Did you know

Many Canberra plumbers do not have the experience or equipment to detect and locate water leaks. These plumbers use leak locating contractors to help with leak locating resulting in additional cost for home owners. In your home, it is likely that the majority of your hot and cold water pipes are buried under your concrete floors. This makes repairing water leaks very expensive. Once you have one leaking pipe, it is likely that you will have more leaks in the same pipe in the future. Re-routing water pipes from under concrete slabs is the most cost effective solution to water leaks under slabs. If you accidentally put a nail or a screw through a water pipe, leave it in place until the plumber undertakes the repair. Thermal imaging cameras can be used to find hot water leaks and some plastic pipes under slabs.

We can help

  • You will save money. We have the trained Canberra plumbers with the latest leak locating equipment to find leaking pipes under slabs, in walls and leaking pipes in gardens.
  • We can find your leaking water pipes with thermal imaging cameras, mini and large pipe cameras, electronic pipe locators, cable locators and electronic leak detectors.
  • You will not be without water for long periods. Because we are so experienced we can repair water leaks faster than other plumbers. We have never left a customer without water overnight.
  • A water pipe re-route should not cause you stress. Water re-routes involve the opening of walls. We know how to keep openings to a minimum and we close your walls up when we have installed your new pipes.
  • Canberra Plumbing Repairs has the specialist leak locating equipment and the trained Canberra plumbers who can find and repair your water leaks fast. We carry out emergency water leak locating, emergency water leak repairs and water pipe re-routes.