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Plumbing Warranty

Warranty of Service

We provide the best warranties and warranty service of all plumbers in Canberra. If you have a plumbing warranty issue that we are responsible for we will repair or replace it with no questions asked. We also answer the phone. If we miss your call we always call back in a matter of minutes. We provide 5 years warranty on our workmanship.

6 Tips to help with plumbing warranties

  1. Always keep a copy of the invoice that clearly shows the installation date. Cash may make some plumbing jobs cheaper but it never helps when you want to make a warranty claim.
  2. Don’t leave making a warranty claim until the last minute. If you have a possible issue or concern, contact the installer or manufacturer and ask that your concerns be registered. Keep your own record of the conversation.
  3. Unless you have no other choice, do not try to make repairs yourself as you will void your warrant, it may be extremely dangerous too. If you must attempt a repair take a photo or video of the issue first.
  4. Ask the installer to provide a statement of warranty so you know what you are covered for.
  5. Apart from blocked drains, Canberra plumbers must provide you with a minimum 12 month warranty on their workmanship, unless stated otherwise on their invoice. If you are within the 12 month period do not take no for an answer when making a valid plumbing warranty claim.
  6. Try to buy products that have a parts and labour warranty.

Did you know

Many Canberra plumbers do not honour their statutory warranty obligations. Many customers do not force their plumbers to do so. Plumbers must provide you with a minimum 12 month warranty on their workmanship, unless stated otherwise on their invoice. A valid reason must be given when no warranties are provided. All plumbing products carry a minimum 12 month warranty. However, this does not always cover the cost of labour to replace faulty parts. It is in your interests to notify your Canberra plumber as a soon as a failure occurs. Manufactures will not provide parts or labour warranty for any failures that are reported after the warranty period has ended. Reporting a failure early prevents additional damage to property as a result of a failed product.

We can help

  • In Canberra, most manufacturers provide a 12 months parts only warranty. In these cases, as part of our service to our customers we will cover the cost of the labour to swap the faulty parts for that 12 month period.
  • Some manufacturers will provide a 12 month parts and labour warranty. In these cases we will put them in touch with you.
  • Occasionally new plumbing and drainage products fail shortly after installation and very occasionally, a product that we have installed may develop a drip, a leak from a joint or some other issue. We want to resolve these issues fast. Therefore please do not hesitate when you think that you may have a plumbing warranty issue. All we ask is that you must contact us prior to arranging another repair person who is not our representative. You must give us 48 hours to attend to your warranty issue. See our warranty conditions below. Where possible we will try to attend to your plumbing warranty within a matter of hours.
  • We provide a 5 year warranty on our workmanship.

Our plumbing warranty inclusions

  • We will provide a full product and labour warranty for the first 12 months after the installation of any plumbing drainage products that we supply and install.
  • We will attend to all warranties between 7.30 am and 4.00 pm Monday to Friday.
  • All general plumbing workmanship carries a 5 year warranty against bad workmanship.
  • All plumbing and drainage products that we supply and install carry our warranty and the manufacturer’s warranty specific to that product. Some manufacturer’s warranties are 25 years.
  • We provide a 1 month warranty on blocked drains. (We are not god)?
  • We provide a 15 year warranty on drainage issues that we repair.
  • All hot water systems we install carry a 7 to 10 year manufacturer’s warranty. Labour is included in the first 12 months only.

Our plumbing warranty exclusions

  • Our plumbing warranty exclusions
  • We will not provide warranty for any plumbing and drainage products that we sell but we did not install.
  • We will not provide any warranty for any plumbing and drainage products that we install but are not supplied by us.
  • We will not warranty any plumbing and drainage products that we have supplied or installed that have been tampered with or altered by any person who is not our representative.
  • We will not provide warranties for any products that are operating within the range of the manufactured specifications.
  • We will not provide warranty on any plumbing and drainage products that have not been operated in the manner as directed by us or by the manufacturer.
  • We will not provide labour free of charge for warranties outside of any suburban areas of Canberra and Queanbeyan. These will be charged at our normal hourly rates plus a service call.